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Two Radiation Safety Training courses are available for industries or individuals involved with X-Ray equipment:

  • Safe Use of X-Ray Equipment in Laboratories and Industry (in-house training for information and/or licensing purposes)
  • Radiation Safety in the Installation and Servicing of X-ray Equipment

Medical X-Ray Unit

X-ray Service Technicians Course has been transferred to

RadTest Australia

Please contact Emily at RadTest for further details - phone 03 9718 2686 

Email: emily@radtest.com.au to enrol for a course.


Topics covered in a typical X-ray Service Technicians Course are:

        • The Scientific Background
        • Units of Measurement
        • Biological Effects
        • Radiation Protection Philosophy and Standards
        • Applying the ALARA Principle
        • Background Radiation
        • Practical Issues of External Radiation Control
        • Physics of X-ray Tubes
        • Uses of X-ray Equipment
        • X-ray Shielding
        • General X-ray Safety
        • X-ray Test and Survey Technique

    RadTest will conducs Radiation Safety Training courses in Victoria and NSW and any other State as required. The certificate issued by RsdTest is used when applying for a licence. For NSW visit the EPA site to obtain a licence form. For Queensland visit the Radiation Health site to obtain a licence form. Visit the DHS site to obtain a licence form for Victoria. The Installation and Servicing Course is no longer approved for Dental X-Rays in New Zealand.