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Radiation Safety with Portable XRF Devices

A Radiation Safety Training course designed to satisfy licensing requirements for Operators of Portable XRF Devices. This course applies to devices containing either x-ray tubes or radioisotopes.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours.

Courses may be run at client premises to enable practical training and assessment.

We are now offering this course via internet presentation.

Portable X-Ray Tube XRF Unit

Portable Radioisotope XRF Unit

Topics covered in this Radiation Safety Training course are:

  • The Scientific Background
  • Biological Effects
  • Radiation Protection Philosophy and Standards
  • Background Radiation
  • External Radiation Control
  • General Principles of Protection Against X-rays
  • Dose Rates from Portable XRF Units
  • Simple Rules for Safety with Portable XRF Units
  • Security in Storage and Transport