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Radiation Safety with Mini C-Arm X-Ray Equipment

A Radiation Safety Training course designed to enable surgeons to operate Mini C-arm X-ray Equipment without the presence of a radiographer. This course is also approved in NSW for Medical Fluoroscopy Equipment. It is accepted by the AOA for trainee orthopaedic surgeons.

We are now offering this course via internet presentation which makes timing more flexible.

Duration: 2 hours

Mini C-Arm X-Ray Equipment

Topics covered in this Radiation Safety Training course are:

        • The Scientific Background
        • Units Used and Biological Effects
        • X-ray Usage and Problems - Short History
        • Background Radiation
        • General Principles of Protection Against X-rays
        • Scattered Radiation form the Mini C-arm Equipment
        • Lead Aprons as Protection
        • Dose to Operators from Mini C-arm Equipment
        • Dose to Assisting Staff from Mini C-arm Equipment
        • Dose Rates to Patients from Mini C-arm Equipment
        • User Dosimetry

    EMAIL: info@radsmart.com.au to enrol for a course