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Intro - Class Exercise - Answers

1.What was the earliest indication that ionising radiation may be dangerous to human health?
A X-ray workers got erythema or reddening of the skin
2. Who discovered naturally occurring radioactive material?
A Henri Bequerel
3. A study showed radiographers severely affected by X-rays? What was the most indicative statistic?
A Radiographers 1929 to 1949 had 9 times the leukemia rate
4. What is a likely effect of ‘radium therapy’?
A Bone Cancer
5. What is the I.C.R.P. and what is its role?
A The International Commission on Radiological Protection makes recommendations for safe radiation usage
6. What is the ‘Linear Hypothesis’ and what is its main assumption?
A That there is a linear relationship between dose and effect down to zero and that therefore all radiation exposure is harmful
7. What other concepts of risk have some credibility?
A The threshold concept and radiation hormesis at low levels
8. What are the 3 main planks of the I.C.R.P. philosophy?
A Justification, Optimisation, Minimisation
9. What major limits are recommended by the I.C.R.P. for Radiation Workers and Members of the Public?
A 20 mSv/y Whole Body, 500 mSv/y Extremities, 1 mSv/y Public
10.What is A.R.P.A.N.S.A. and what is its role?
A The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency is a Federal Government agency charged with responsibility for protecting the health and safety of people, and the environment, from the harmful effects of ionising and non-ionising radiation