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About Us

RADSMART is the registered name of the partnership of Gordon and Jocelyn Mackenzie.

Gordon Mackenzie Radiation Safety Trainer

Gordon Mackenzie (MARPS) has worked with Radiation Safety for more than forty years. His Health Physics career began in the U.K.A.E.A. in Scotland with 5 years of extensive practical and theoretical training and diverse experiences in applications of Health Physics. At the A.A.E.C. Research Establishment at Lucas Heights, Gordon was the Senior Operational Health Physics Surveyor. As such he had operational radiation safety oversight of HIFAR Nuclear Reactor, Australian Radioisotopes, Waste Management and Environment Sections. Away from Lucas Heights, Gordon was associated with a wide range of Radiation Safety matters in Australia generally. As Manager, Nuclear Science Training at ANSTO, he organized and conducted on and off site Radiation Safety Training during the period from 1984 to 2003. This included I.A.E.A. training programs, Distance Learning Courses, Training Video Productions and a two week training attachment to Silpakorn University in Thailand in 1995. Gordon recognises the need for practicality and draws on his many years of experience to ensure that RADSMART courses are tailored to the needs of participants and clients.

Jocelyn Mackenzie Radiation Safety Trainer

Jocelyn Mackenzie (B Sc, Dip Ed) spent most of her working life as a High School Science Teacher. She worked for 2 years as a Health Physicist at the AAEC (now ANSTO) where she attended a 4 week Radioisotope Course for Graduates at the Australian School of Nuclear Technology. Her Health Physics duties included commissioning surveys on new Hot Cell facilities and oversight of laboratory radiation safety. She draws on her educational qualifications and experience, collaborating in administration, syllabus preparation and course delivery.

RADSMART engages other radiation safety professionals as required.