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What is Radiation Safety?

It is the theory and practice associated with living and working safely with radiation. RADSMART only deals with ionising radiation.

What is Ionising Radiation?

It is radiation which has sufficient energy to produce ions (or charged particles) as it passes through matter. The main forms of ionising radiation are alpha rays, beta rays, gamma rays and X-rays. Alpha and beta rays are both made up of streams of charged particles. Gamma and X-rays are forms of electromagnetic energy (similar to visible light and UV light) which are energetic enough to cause ionisation. Neutrons (small neutral particles) are indirectly ionising and are usually included as a form of ionising radiation.

Where is Ionising Radiation Found?

It is present in our environment at all times. Man has always lived with ionising radiation. This is called natural background radiation. It comes in the form of cosmic radiation and is produced by naturally occurring radioactive material in the earth, the air and the food we eat. We also produce radioactive material or radioisotopes in nuclear reactors and cyclotrons. X-rays can be produced electronically.

Who Needs Radiation Safety Training?

Everyone should have some understanding of how to live and work safely with ionising radiation. However, the main people who need radiation safety training are those who work with radioisotopes or X-rays. This is a surprisingly large number of people. Most of them are required by legislation to receive radiation safety training and obtain a license in order to carry out their work.

Where is Ionising Radiation Used?

Ionising radiation is used in industry, medicine and research. This table shows the uses of some radioisotopes in all these fields. X-rays are also widely used in industrial gauges, security systems, medical diagnosis and treatment, research in all areas of science and engineering. RADSMART has conducted radiation safety training for geotechnical firms, manufacturing industries, research organisations, surgeons using X-ray equipment, blood banks, security firms, X-ray technicians, mining companies.